Cattle breeding summit: excellence highlighted

LE 03/10/2023 dans Salons

The cattle breeding summit demonstrates the diversity and excellence of French cattle breeding. This year, the Limousine and Brune races were put forward, symbols of the exceptional diversity and quality of our agricultural heritage. Jacques Chazalet, one of the organizers, insists on the fact that the choice of races present is not simple. It reflects a will to celebrate and support French excellence in cattle breeding.
Acknowledged globally for its carcass qualities, it is the result of a know-how transmitted from generation to generation. For instance, the Brune race is appreciated for its milk yield and its ruggedness.

The presence of Marc Fesneau, the Minister for Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, at the Summit reinforced the importance granted to this sector so essential for France. His presence demonstrates a commitment from the highest instances of the State towards cattle breeding. It is crucial to recognize and support this sector, a pillar of our economy and guarantee for our traditions.

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The Summit was also an opportunity to discuss current and future challenges facing cattle breeding, such as the ecological transition, animal welfare and adaptation to new consumer demands. Conferences, workshops and debates were organized to allow professionals to discuss and find innovating solutions.

The Livestock Farming Summit 2023 is an exceptional showcase for French livestock farming. This provides JOURDAIN with the ability to show our know-how, present our innovations to look to the future with ambition and optimism. Our sales engineers are present to discuss with and advise distributors-stockists and cattle breeders, hence demonstrating the strong commitment of the company towards the sector.

We are honoured of having sponsored the prize awarded to the Aubrac race in the section 'Cows originating from pure males'.
The iconic and rustic Aubrac race is emblematic and appreciated for its ruggedness, its ability to adapt to difficult terrains, as well as its tender and tasty meat quality.

Congratulations to Alain from GAEC Benoit, a cattle breeder in Saint-Étienne de Lugdarès (07), equipped with JOURDAIN equipment, and Nina the beautiful cow who won the 1st prize for 'Cows originating from pure males' in the Aubrac contest at the Cattle breeder Summit.
You showcased the exceptional qualities of the Aubrac race.
Your passion, dedication and expertise as a cattle breeder were acknowledged today.

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